Ockham's Razor

by Obsolete



Obsolete's debut EP is a journey of melancholy and intensity. This unique blend of acoustic and electric progressive rock will be sure to keep you listening again and again.


released February 21, 2013

Dan Rivera - vocals, guitars, bass, percussion
Lloyd Martin - lead guitar
Matt Rivera - drums and percussion

Drums recorded at Disco Trash Can Studios by Richard Schneider
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded at Songic Studios by Joey Hendrickson

Mixed and Mastered by Joey Hendrickson

Logo and artwork by Kristi Dingess



all rights reserved


Obsolete Columbus, Ohio

In 2009, frontman Dan Rivera began writing acoustic songs as a solo project. Good friends Lloyd Martin, Jason Hufford and Steven George completed the lineup and helped turn the project into a full band. World domination is imminent.

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Track Name: Barren
The coldness of the setting sun
The dying leaves on the oak that bears your name, your name.

A pale reminder in a barren land
A memory of a face that touched these hands, my hands.

A cross engraved on the cold, hard stone
Meaningless since you left me all alone, alone

There's no time left for one last kiss, one last goodbye, one more chance to say your name

The falling leaves and the pouring rain
Echoes of my regret, my fear, my shame, my shame.

The fleeting moments spent in your embrace,
Worthless words that I would never say.

You left me silent, left me in awe,
Left me wanting, then you left me all alone, alone

Gift and a curse you have been to me now I am
Broken in two, thinking of you

Shake my fists to the sky wondering why you were
taken from me, after awakening me

Life's before me, no time for mourning
Now I must forget this untold story

Though I am barren and broken I must walk away
Track Name: Nothing
The days go by, the pictures fade
The things we love, will pass away.
Children grow. They come and go.
A mother dies. A father walks away.

To live with regret, we'll never forget,
Things we can't change. Reminded by the pain.
Lives come undone. The two were once one.
But now all those days. Never mattered anyway.

Live love lose, heal hate hope, feel find fall, and still nothing matters at all.

Life will pass, dreams will fade, we will die, and still nothing matters at all.
Track Name: Warriors
Welcome to, coliseum of the callous warriors, everybody's armor shining brighter than the sun. Will we find our champion? Will we seek to kill in service of the one? And fight and fight and fight and never win. Till we lose ourselves amidst the sickening din. Blinded by our thoughts of rage, we've already set the stage to lose all semblance of our sanity.

Fall into, gauntlet of merciless enmity, salt-sharpened tongues and words meant only for the kill. What will cut beneath the surface, what will pierce the deepest layers of the heart? And tear you down and down until I'm god? Master of my world destroying your facade. Deaf to all the shrieks and screams, empowered by oblating lives and wills and fates of all that I once loved.

And wait. Now what's left? You saved yourself from falling. Into the void, came out on top, and proved to the world how perfect you are. How strong you stand alone. How much you'll need me when all comes crashing down.

You tore them down, burned every bridge. Drove all enemies over the edge. Showed us all what we mean to you. How much you lie when you say I love you.
Track Name: Never
There are days when new seeds start to grow
Fallen from the heavens, landing on fertile ground
I never knew how deep new roots could go
Seems like an angel placed them there

Beneath the stars I lay, in sweet tranquility
Filled with youthful thoughts of love and simple wonder
Longing only for your touch, of soft serenity
Filling all the darkness with a glow sublime

Then when the storm comes for new growth we're afraid
Wind and hail and thunder, pouring on unstable ground
I never knew that, it could be so vulnerable
I pray the angel's hand would hold me close

I stand before you now, (in) complete fragility
Offering my love, my heart, my care, my hand
In spite of all my fears, and insecurities
I would give you everything if you'd but let me

When will I see you again
I'd climb the highest mountain, for just one moment.
When will I hold you again
to quench this longing, this burning in my soul
When will you be open again
I'd swim across the oceans, just to see your smile
And I long for you